Food Film Festival / Sushi origin and the beyond

Planning, Directing, Movie


The pairing of sushi and film was entered in the NY Food Film Festival, the only unique film festival in the world where people taste what they see on the screen. The film won the Best Director Award despite being entered in the festival for the first time.

Sushi is popular in New York. However, no one really knows the origin of Sushi. The film presented the origins of sushi and proposed the original form of “sushi,” serving the “200 years old” style sushi to the New Yorkers.

Veuve Clicuot/ New makers

Planning, Photography, Directing, Movie

For the Veuve Clicquot’s new approach to present the unique and original experiences of Veuve Clicquot and food pairing to the world, appointing young star chefs in Japan; sushi chef Masato Ueno and Thai Fusion chef and producer Kan Morieda, proposed the totally new paring with Veuve Clicquo and the original sushi inspired by the traditional sushi style “Tazuna Sushi”.

ANTCICADA / Roll the dice

Photography, Planning, Directing, Movie


Food photo shooting and movie production for the very unique restaurant “ANTCICADA” opened under the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 in Tokyo.

The concept of this restaurant is “loving and exploring the Earth we live in” . In an era of overconsumption, they are presenting the unique dishes that use ingredients such as insects that abound in nature without waste.


Taro Hamano / The Museum

Planning, Movie

Planning concepts and movie production for an exhibition of Taro Hamano, the textile artist.

We defined his artistic works as “contemporary art that can be wore.” Connecting them with Goethe’s “Theory of Color”, recorded a reading session of “Theory of Color” in English and Japanese and reconstructed it with the original ambient music. In the video featured a contemporary dancer and injected a breath of contemporary art into the entire work.

“Paddle out! Chocolatier -Is this love?-”

Planning, Lyrics, Directing, Movie


PR video for the Valentine’s Day event of Thai fusion chef, and producer, Kan Morieda at the Hankyu Department Store.

For this video we composed not only movie but a theme song too with a well-known Japanese city pop music composer, Etsuko Yamakawa. Keita Takayanagi also wrote the lyrics.



Straight Play / 3DYo-kyu

Planning, Directing, Photography


Poster shooting for the straight play “3D Yo-kyu”(3 great human desires) screen written by Keita Takayanagi.

The main visual is a food representation of the 3 great human desires; money (eggs), sex (meat and shrimp), fame (fruits). Vegetables represent abstinence.

FREAK’S STORE / You‘re nice


Planning, Directing, Movie


Fashion PR movie of the Japanese select store FREAKʻS STORE commemorating the launch of its collaboration brand with Toru Muranishi who is well known for the Netflix drama based on him aired in 2020. In this movie he broke a frozen brief like a Karate player’s tile breaking technique, causing a wind of laughter during a depressing Covid-19 pandemic.